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Azure DevOps Pipelines: Templates Tasks and Jobs

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By now if you have been following this series then you have learned about tasks, jobs, and stages in addition to variables and environments. This post will start to tie these together with templates. 

YAML templates provide Azure DevOps customers with the capabilities to quickly scale and deploy artifacts while following their organizations required steps securely and quickly. Templates are the ultimate goal in any DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) implementation of Azure DevOps Pipelines. 

In an effort not to overwhelm this post will cover task and job template design. To unlock how to use stage templates I have found it helpful to pair with YAML Object parameters. This will be a follow up post in this series as it can be a lot to take in. 

What Are Templates? 

Azure DevOps YAML templates are YAML files that can be reused including stages, jobs, tasks, and variables. If it helps think of a simple task, perhaps the DotNetCoreCLI task. For those unaware, this task can be used to build and publish a DotNetCore project, among other things. In this example we are going to use it to publish an artifact. 

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