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How I Became a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

For those unaware a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is a certification that allows individuals to deliver Microsoft content. There are a few other benefits such as access to forums, 75% off Microsoft Exams, as well as some inside information in terms of Microsoft learning content. Keep in mind some of these are under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Personally, I think the biggest benefit is just the recognition within the Azure/Microsoft Community that you have achieved this status as it’s not as common as some of the other Microsoft Certifications. For “official” information check out the Microsoft Overview.

There is a long list of professional certifications around instructional skill one can achieve in order to obtain their MCT. However, I took a bit of an easier route. As an alternative to instructional certification the MCT program allows you to earn your certification by substituting it with real world teaching experience. At the time I had taught as an adjunct at a local community college so I was able to substitute the instructional certification with the real-world experience. All it took was the dean at the college to complete a short form which was emailed to him as part of my application process.

The second requirement to becoming an MCT is to actually hold Microsoft Certification. This is checked by the application process requesting your MCID and linking to any active Certification you might hold. In my case I had plenty so this wasn’t an issue.

The third requirement is the $$$ required for the certification. It can vary by region but for me it was supposed to be $1000 a year. However, Microsoft has waived the MCT fee until June 30, 2021 in light of COVID-19.

The process for me was fairly simple and easy. Fill out a form, they contacted my dean, and I was done. So far cost of the process (Just time) has been worth it to me. I do plan on renewing again for another year at no additional cost. After that I am not so sure.

Ideally MCTs deliver Certified Microsoft Training material from their Course Catalog. In fact, in order to renew your certification, it is required that you teach at least one course each year. Being an MCT can be a full-time job where you do nothing but teach the classes. At this stage I don’t plan to leave my day job to teach Microsoft classes full time and some would argue with Microsoft shifting their certification renewals to free online by answering a subset of questions as opposed to paying to take the entire exam there is a bit of a de-emphasize of the value of the classes.

That’s my current thoughts on being an MCT to. It has been beneficial to me in terms of networking as well as I have fully leveraged the 75% on multiple exams. If you want to follow up on exam overviews feel free to check out my blog on Azure Certification Rundown.