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Azure Hero: Content Hero

As part of exploring and contributing to the community I was nominated and awarded an Azure Hero Badge, the Content Hero one!

First Azure Hero badges are block chained badges awarded to those in the Azure community for different contributions. The one specific that I earned was the Content Hero which to qualify you need to:

  • Created at least three valuable Azure content pieces within 6 months for blogs, webinars, podcasts or have spoken at events
  • Created tutorials, how-to guides, or sample code that’s being shared to others for free in an open GitHub repo
  • Have generated at least three major pull requests that have been merged into our workshop repos (MCW and others)
  • Core-contributor of an Azure related open-source project (including readme, license, latest activity on project, code of conduct etc) within the last month

This blog is just that! Additional pieces I’ve done have been presenting to the Omaha Azure User Group about Project Bicep as well as presenting on the DevOps Mindset at the Heartland Developer Conference.